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The skillet shows our approximate route.  Dawn wasn’t that impressed with my PhotoShop skills:theskillet

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  1. Mom (Cherie) says:

    Did you all get exhausted in NYC yesterday? I noticed the Skillet Trip page has been idle! Aunt Wanda wants to see more comments from Justin so she can get his take on the activities! I told her Justin’s theme song is “Silence is Golden” !!

  2. Sharry says:

    I’m impressed Justin! Hey, make sure Dawn & the boys don’t get lost when getting of the subway tomorrow…you know how they are. You and Ash will have to keep a close eye on them! 🙂

  3. Mike Kubizna says:

    A good start to heating up that frying pan!!!!!!

  4. Mom (Cherie) says:

    I think your PhotoShop skills are just fine. Dawn’s just jealous.

  5. jesper says:

    I think your skillet greatly emphasizes the name of the trip – Great Job !!

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