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Me with my 2 lb burger.

I was baffled to see how big the burger  was .Denny’s beer barrel pud ,serves the biggest burgers in the world.I was almost a champion  with only one bun left. I will admet I was deffetied today. An I feel that Denny was nice and was able to sustain a constent  flow of people with out going  to a school for cooking , but he menchend his father was a cook also.but its no suprize that people come back ,with food as good as his.complements to the chef.   9 out 10.   ~MATT~

2 Responses to “I WAS DUMBFOUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. sharry says:

    Only the bun was left, oh so close! You’ll do it next time I bet. So were you hungry at all the rest of the day? We’re watching the Today Show right now, looking for you guys. We’re recording it and so is Grammy. Your mom and Jay are good, they took the kids to the zoo yesterday.
    Have a great day in NYC, love ya, Aunt Sharry

  2. Gram says:

    You only had one bun left? What was stopping you? (My guess is that a “bun” is as big as a loaf of bread) Are you able to walk today with all that food in your belly? Like Nikki said–I hope you guys have a ton of Rolaids along with you! I hope you get on TV this morning. Keep blogging, I’m having fun keeping track of what you’re doing. Love, ~~Gram

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