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Me with my 2 lb hamburger.

Today we went to the best burger joint in america. It’s called “Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub,” it was an amazing expirence. Denny was kind enough to take the time to meet with the three of us and answer all of our questions. I had an experience of a lifetime today when i got to try the 2lb. burger. My cusin Matt and Uncle Justin also had the 2lb. burgers. Unfortunatly none of us finished it but we were all very close. There is a 1hr. time limit on the Pub Challenger (the 2lb. burger). We got to see the 50lb. burger in person which was awsome. The burger was very delicious and definatlyh very filling. They also are home to the 100lb. burger, unfortunatly we didnt get to see it though. You definatly have to Go To “Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub,” it is amazing !   ~ Jorden

3 Responses to “MIND BOGGLING BURGERS!!!! :@”

  1. Jesper says:

    What.. Justin cant do a simple 2lb burger ??? I am SO disappointed…. Nahh.. just kidding… Its good to see you guys having fun !!!

  2. sharry says:

    Sounds like you had a good time trying to eat your 2 lb. burger. So did you guys need supper later? We’re watching the Today Show right now in hopes of getting a glimpse of you. Have a great day! Love ya, Mom

  3. Gram says:

    SO…you went for the 2-lb burger challenge, huh? Were you able to move this morning? I’m hoping you are (as I’m typing this) in line for the Staten Island Ferry. I know you’re really looking forward to trying to get on the Today show. My TV is ready and waiting! Love you! ~~Gram (Keep those blogs coming…it’s so much fun reading.)

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