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The continuation of Skillet Trip – The Matt Edition


This is the roller coaster upon which I conquered my fear.  Ashley, Jorden and I are in the last car on this drop.

Previously on the Skillet Trip – The Matt Edition we had just gotten done almost being killed monster/dog/rabid beast.  Then we went to the hotel, got in the hot tub, and went to sleep.  I woke up the next day, ready, refreshed, and scared to go on the roller coaster.  Aunt Dawn made a mistake and thought that the park opened at 9 instead of 11, so we had a few hours to ponder our fate.   We went to breakfast.  Jorden was not that happy because they didn’t have the omelette eggs, but Aunt Dawn and I were happy because they had sausage.  After breakfast we got in the car and went to Lakemont Park – family excitement since 1894.  I convinced Jorden and Ashley that I was scared of going on the roller coaster, since I don’t like the quesy feeling in my stomach.   The first ride that we went on was the Monster.  As we were in line for the ride we got splattered with oil and then we got on the ride and me and Jorden – we were not expecting it to drop so fast.  We screamed – in our manly voice.  We went on the Gravatron which is a big wheel where your as you spin you get stuck to the wall and then it turns completely on its side where you go from being on the ground to being way in the air.


Ashley, Jorden and me on the Gravitron.

After the Gravatron, they convinced me to go on the roller coaster.  As a sat into the car, my heart went down to my stomach.  On the way up I heard a tick tick tick tick tick sound and Ashley told me to just get used to it.  As we turned the corner I said to Jorden in a very confident way, “there is no turning back now”.  He smiled and gave me a knuckle touch.  The knuckle touch gave me a sudden star-powered burst.  Then the first hill was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  We got the biggest quesy feeling I ever had, but the whole time Jorden and Ashley were laughing, I decided to man up and enjoy the roller coaster.   I kept on going every time that Jorden and Ashley wanted to – and most of the time I wanted to.  Ashley got sick of the roller coaster by the time it was lunch.   It rained after we got back from lunch – but luckily we had our bathing suits, so it was almost as if we were already in the water park.  Unfortunately, the water park was closed.  Jorden was broken-hearted when he found out that the paddle boat rides were closed.  We went on the bumber cars for about half an hour.  While we were in the bumper cars, instead of trying to hit cars we were trying to avoid them and do doughnuts.   Jorden said that we shot a plane down while we were on the roller coaster and hijacked it.  I do not quite remember that because my eyes were closed so that I would get that butterflies in my stomach more.   We went on a whole bunch of kiddie rides and the went on the oldest roller coaster in the world.


“Leap the Dips” – The oldest roller coaster in the world.

Then we went on the big roller coaster and we played Marco Polo/Hide’n Seek with the ladies who worked on the roller coaster.  We screamed like girls while going up the hills, instead of while going down the hills.  Then at the end of the day they played a Backstreet Boys song and I danced to it all night long.  But now me and Jorden are convinced that we are going to make a music video with the same exact settings.  We had a very fun day, but if you want to hear more read my blog tomorrow.

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  1. Gram says:

    Matt, I am very proud of the things you’ve written on this trip. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into it. I’m also glad that you got brave and went on the roller coasters and very proud that you and Jorden screamed like ninnies in your manly voices!

    It’s too bad about the water park being closed. That, does NOT make any sense to me whatsoever. You’re going to get wet anyway…what difference does it make if you get rained on? In fact, it should make it easier to face the wet rides!

    I’m anxious to see that video and will be glad to see you when you get back. I’m afraid that you’re in for more rainy weather today…but as I’ve said before, it sounds like you’re having an awesome time and I’m jealous. Love, ~~Gram

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