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The Park


I got a little quesy after going on so many rides.

Today we went to an amusement park it was a bunch of fun and we went on everything like 50 times because there was only like 7 rides but they were all fun. i got sick and thought i was gona throw up because we went on all the rides so many times but in the end i did not throw up.


Me naming all of the reasons why we should not get out of the car and walk past the spooky graveyard in the dark to the old church on the hill.  I mean, really!  Haven’t they watched those movies?

Today after the park we all went to a scary grave yard and scary church in the middle of no where  because everyone except me wanted to go and see some bats and in the end we did not even see any. but when we were there i was so scared and when we were in the middle of  no where  we had hardly any gas so i was scard that we would get stuck out there. but we did not and we are safe in the hotel again.


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  1. Gram says:

    Now Ashley, I can’t believe that you were afraid in a cemetery OR bats. Remember when we went and looked at all the headstones that day when I was staying with you? Also…bats were pretty common in that old hotel…I thought you were used to it. Running out of gas in an isolated cemetery…well, that’s another story. I’d be pretty scared too.

    Sounds like you had fun at the amusement park even though the water park was closed down. I’m so glad you kids got to go with Uncle Justin and Aunt Dawn on the trip. It’s something you will always remember. Even Gettysburg (although an eensy bit boring) will have its benefits when you study the Civil War in history class. It’s so much easier to study about a place once you’ve been there.

    Well, continue to have fun, and I’ll be happy to see you when you get back! Love, ~~Gram

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