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Me looking toward the memorial wall at the crash site of flight 93.

Today was soo much fun because i almost died cause i was choking. Also Aunt Dawn, Matt, and Jorden all got chased by a big scary dog. They  got chased because the were just petting a donkey that was on the road and out of no were came a big scary dog and it chased them all the way to the car, while this was going on me and uncle justin were laughing because it was so funny. Today we also went on a tour of gettysburg it was pretty fun but a tiny bit boring. After that we went to a buffet and that is were i almost died i was just eating spegitti and then i started choking it was pretty funny.after that we went to were one of the planes of 911 went down that was cool and we got to learn a little about that. Well after that we went to a place where we got pulled backwards on a road because of gravity and after that is when Jorden, Matt and Aunt Dawn almost got killed by the big scary dog and after that we went to the hotel and ate sandwhiches, and they were soooo good. well i am having an awesome time on this trip.


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  1. Sandie says:

    Gettysburg, boring??!! I am taken aback! But, with you being about the same age as my girls when we went, I will forgive your comment. Didn’t you love all the monuments? What about the cemetery? Ok, sorry, I will stop now. It sounds like you are all having a great time! We love reading all your posts.

    Oh, and it is no wonder you almost choked if you were at Picketts buffet, I told Dawn to take you to “The Avenue” cafe. Keep updating us!!

  2. sharry says:

    What Gram said!

  3. Gram says:

    OK, my dear granddaughter…This is NOT what a mother or aunt or grandmother wants to hear: “Today was soo much fun because i almost died cause i was choking.” THAT does NOT sound like fun…it sounds like HORROR! Learn from your Dad and Aunt Dawn…wait for about 20 years to tell the horror stories of your youth! It’s easier to take when you’re grown up!!! Right Aunt Dawn?

    Anyway…in spite of the near death incidents of the 4 of you, and the little bit-boring Gettysburg, it sounds like you’re having a great time. Love you, and have fun at the water park today. Love, ~~Gram

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