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Jorden, Matt and me at the “Welcome to Hershey” sign.

Today we went and saw the liberty bell it was pretty cool. My fav. part about  today was when we got to see Genos and Pats and then we got to taste it and see which one was better Jorded, Matt, and Uncle Justin all picked Genos and Aunt Dawn picked Pats but I like them both the same amount and I couldn’t pick which one I also decied that I love cheese steak. It is sooo good. I had a really good day! I LOVED going to the hershey place it was sooo cool and I love chocolate and everything there was chocolate so it was awesome. I think it was one of my favorite stops that we have had. I really can’t wait till I can come back here again.Well i am having an awesome time on this trip:)


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  1. sharry says:

    Hi, Uncle Steve was wondering if you guys would have time to meet them or see them on your way through Pittsburg. He also points out a route with a nice view. Here’s an email from him:
    We live right of the Turnpike north of Pittsburgh. Butler valley exit Rt-8 If time is short no problem. If there looking for something interesting to do. The Lincoln hwy runs west out of Gettysburg and is a pretty drive. It meets up with the turnpike about half way to Pittsburgh.

    Let me know. We can get them into the Zoo for free have passes.

    Show this to Aunt Dawn, he could meet you at a place to eat if you have something like that planned near Pittsburg, Uncle Tim knows some triple-D places around there too.

    See you

    Steve, John, Scott, Nathan and Carol

  2. sharry says:

    I’m sooo glad you liked Hershey, I’ve been bugging your dad for years to take us there, now I’ll have you as more ammunition. Hey…I know your the younger sister but from the sounds of Jorden’s escapades you better be looking after him, keep him out of trouble would ya?
    Hope you have a great day today! Love ya, MOM

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