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A Day In The Life Of New York

June 9th, 2009 by


Ashley, Matt and me – first time ever on a subway.

Yesterday we went to New York.  We rode the subway and had an epic time. Then it hapend….I was simply jugling knives wit a few other street performers. Then my Aunt Dawn rushed over 2 me an gave me a bit of bad news. The news was horrible, we were about to go through sucurity and i would have 2 do sumthing wit my knives. Wit this delema i came 2 the cunclution that i wud eather have 2 take my $1,000 knives and attack the security guards or i cud hide them in the bushes and hope they arnt fownd. I ponderd upon the options and decideds it was an easy desision becus i didnt want 2 get my knives bloody so i hid my knives in the bushes. Upon making my desision i realized i wud need 2 find a new mode of transportation 2 Elise Island to c the statue of liberty becus i had just thrown a pilot out of a helicoprter an the gaurds werent 2 hapy about it. As the security gaurds were cuming for me we all piled into the helicopter an i flew us of  in2 the sky wile bulets were flying at us. I decided to stop at the observation deck of  the “Statue of Liberty” becus we were out of gas an cudnt make it 2 the top. Wen it landed we all ran inside just in time 2 avoid the explotion cawsed by bullet wounds taken 2 the copter.


The Statue of Liberty

Then we all paraglided 2 the bushes i hid my knives in and i grabed them. We all took of running like a scene in “Bay Watch” so we cud get 2 the subway station. Once we got on the subway we thought we were safe but we thought wrong. The subway started 2 shake and the lights were flikering so they shut all the trains down. We all jumped off an ran down the subway tunnels to avoid the army men in tankes that were heading down the stations stairways and circling the streets above. The tunnels became pitch dark so Uncle Justin fliped out his fone an lit the way for us all while Matt led the way.Once we found a nice exit that wasnt surrounded we ran out an were all very exhausted. If I wasnt so important to the progress of the trip im sure they wud hav ditched me. Althow i new i cud always count on King Kong for help.


Uncle Justin snapped this picture of King Kong just before he jumped over to the Chrysler Building.

I noticed king kong on 1 of the streets so i franticly caled out 2 him. He came over and looked very conserned so i told him the hole story and he looked overjoyed 2 be able 2 help us. What we hadnt noticed b4 king Kong pointed it out 2 us was that we were siting in the middle of time square. He then took off runing and jumped up 2 the top of the crysler building, y didnt he climb up 2 the top of the empier state building i dont know but it mite hav ben 2 distract all the security.


Matt, Ashley and me in Times Square.  King Kong pointed out that this is the first time in history that New York City has closed Timesquare to automobile traffic.


Me enjoying a picnic lunch at the lake in Central Park.  Across the lake you can see the tops of the buildings on New York’s upper west side.

While King Kong was distracting the security gaurds and the army we all enjoyed a nice relaxing pick-nick in central park that Aunt Dawn had packed 4 us 2 eat. It realy had built up our energy so we decided 2 continue on our treck acros New York. We decided 2 hide out in a theater. We thought we would be safe from the outside world in the theater but we wernt. As soon as we began 2 watch the play a newd man came on stage, at first we thought it was Matt then realized it wasnt. Once we got out of tharopy we all swam acros the Hudson River into New Jersy ware once again we were safe.

Which brings me 2 2day. We sleep in so we could have time to recover. After braking all those laws we decided we shud visit some lawful places to make up for it. Our first stop was the Liberty bell. Matt tried streaking so he got to be in all the major news papers like the philidelfia inquirer. He was very proud so we drove around phily and found a place 2 celebrate called “The Dinning Car” we got scraple there. It was like nothing we had ever tried b4(delisious).


Me, Ashley and Matt with the owner of the Dining Car restaurant in Philadelphia.  This restaurant was featured on Triple D on the Food Network Channel.  We tried Scrapple here.

Then i decided that sence they all stuck wit me through thik an thin that we should all go 2 the hersheys chocolate  workshop wich unfortunatly ends my story for 2day wit me sleeping on the dirty streets.         ~JORDEN~


June 8th, 2009 by Ashley


Jorden, Matt and me at the “Welcome to Hershey” sign.

Today we went and saw the liberty bell it was pretty cool. My fav. part about  today was when we got to see Genos and Pats and then we got to taste it and see which one was better Jorded, Matt, and Uncle Justin all picked Genos and Aunt Dawn picked Pats but I like them both the same amount and I couldn’t pick which one I also decied that I love cheese steak. It is sooo good. I had a really good day! I LOVED going to the hershey place it was sooo cool and I love chocolate and everything there was chocolate so it was awesome. I think it was one of my favorite stops that we have had. I really can’t wait till I can come back here again.Well i am having an awesome time on this trip:)


New York

June 8th, 2009 by Ashley


We saw the stars of the Sunday Edition of the Today Show.


Me, Jorden and Matt at a table at the “fancy McDonalds”.  It is supposed to have a doorman and a piano player but we did not experience that.  We did have fresh flowers at our marble tables.

i love new york it is sooo cool. the buildings are so big it is awesome and the subway is so scary it is fun and it is fast. and we went to a play and it was pretty good. we also went to the statue of liberty and that was cool we also went to a mcdonlds and that was good. and we went and sat in a road it was cool and we went to the today show bbut we did not get on it. and i cant wait to come back again.


New Yooork, New Yooork

June 8th, 2009 by ttammatt


Ground Zero site where the World Trade Center buildings used to stand.  The memorial will be dedicated here on Sept 11, 2011 – the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack.

Today we went to New York City.  It’s astonishing to see how big the buildings are compared to people – it’s like an oak tree compared to an ant.  We went to Ground Zero and seen the memorial that they are going to build.  We through security so that we could go on the statue of liberty, and as we went through the man said that we have knives in our  backpack and he searched the bag and confiscated the butter knives.  Then I went to the statue of liberty and we had to wait in line for an hour and a half and when I went to securtiy the line was short and I went through the metal detector.  The man told me to get out of line and then he patted me down and took my wallet from me.   After security we went and got to go on top of the pedastal.  Uncle Justin took a whole bunch of pictures.  Then we went on the ferry again to Ellis Island to take more pictures and to see where our relatives first came to.


Ashley, Me and Jorden at Ellis Island with New York City as a backdrop across the Hudson River.

Then we got back to New York.  Then I got to become the navigator/the map.  I told everybody where to go on the subway, and I navigated us in Central Park, and through Manhattan.  We went to Central Park and had an delightful picnic and we spread the peanut butter with Jorden’s hunting knife, since we had lost our butter knives.  Then we went and seen where John Lennon was murdered, and it was a sad moment for Uncle Justin as he finally saw the place where one the worst things in Beatle history ever happened.  Then we were late by fifteen minutes, so I had to navigated from the upper West side to the lower East side – all using nothing but a subway map.  It was very exciting as we made it to the play just in time.  It was a very interesting play.  Very unique.  I navigated us back home to the Staten Island Ferry and I fell asleep on the way home at 12:30.  ~ Matt~


Me pointing out the beautiful moon as we ride back to Staten Island on the ferry after a busy day in New York City.  Just above the orange railing you can see the lights of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn.  This is the longest suspension bridge in the world.


June 6th, 2009 by


Me with my 2 lb hamburger.

Today we went to the best burger joint in america. It’s called “Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub,” it was an amazing expirence. Denny was kind enough to take the time to meet with the three of us and answer all of our questions. I had an experience of a lifetime today when i got to try the 2lb. burger. My cusin Matt and Uncle Justin also had the 2lb. burgers. Unfortunatly none of us finished it but we were all very close. There is a 1hr. time limit on the Pub Challenger (the 2lb. burger). We got to see the 50lb. burger in person which was awsome. The burger was very delicious and definatlyh very filling. They also are home to the 100lb. burger, unfortunatly we didnt get to see it though. You definatly have to Go To “Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub,” it is amazing !   ~ Jorden


June 6th, 2009 by ttammatt


Me with my 2 lb burger.

I was baffled to see how big the burger  was .Denny’s beer barrel pud ,serves the biggest burgers in the world.I was almost a champion  with only one bun left. I will admet I was deffetied today. An I feel that Denny was nice and was able to sustain a constent  flow of people with out going  to a school for cooking , but he menchend his father was a cook also.but its no suprize that people come back ,with food as good as his.complements to the chef.   9 out 10.   ~MATT~

Denny’s beer barrel pub

June 6th, 2009 by Ashley


Matt and me waiting for our food to arrive at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA.

It was so fun watching the boys try to eat the huge burger! What i had looked a lot better though because it was a meatball sub and it was very yummy. I felt pathetic because i could not finish my 13in sub but the boys only had a little of the 2lb. hamburger left. When we were there we got to see a 50lb. hamburger it was sooo big. When we asked denny questions he was very nice. I had an awesome day 🙂


June 6th, 2009 by janbrady



Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub

Day 2: Saturday, June 6, 2009


Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, Inc. located in scenic Clearfield, PA was founded by Denny and Jean Liegey in September 1977 growing from a small 600 square foot establishment to its current size.  The couple started making giant hamburgers to attract attention to the restaurant’s much larger menu and create a fun atmosphere for all.

The restaurant is nationally known as the home of the “World’s Largest Hamburger Challenges”. It started with a 2lb. hamburger challenge with homemade buns baked in a coffee can, and “the rest is history”. The restaurant now serves a 2 lb burger, 3 lb burger, 6 lb burger, 15 lb burger, 50 lb burger and 100 lb burger.

The restaurant has been featured on The Food Network, Travel Channel, Tony Danza Show, Good Morning America, Today Show, David Letterman’s Top 10, and Country Fried Home Videos on the Country Music Channel.

The kids (and Justin), of course, are going to try the burger challenge! I don’t think any one of them will finish it, but it will be fun watching them try. Denny has emailed saying that he is looking forward to being interviewed by the kids.

The Best Restaurant In The World

June 5th, 2009 by



Today (June 5, 2009) I went 2 the best restaurant  in the world. It’s called, “Joe’s Gizzard City.” We orderd Fried gizzards (The muscle of a chicken stomach), Frinkies (fried twinkies), Fried cheese cake, Fried batterdogs (hotdogs), fried oreos, fried cookie dough, fried elephant ears, fried Big Joenuts (doughnuts), fried Nutter Butter Bars, and the Triple D burger.  The ceiling looks like whipped cream it was awsome. Joe kindly took the time to let my cousin Matt, my sister Ashley and I interview him, he had many good stories and advice for us. The service was outstanding, you have 2 visit this place. If your planning on coming you should come to the “Gizzard fest” in June, its June 12th, 13th, and 14th. You definatly will fell right at home  in  “Joe’s Gizzard City”.        ~ JORDEN~

I love gizzerds

June 5th, 2009 by ttammatt


Joe, the owner of Joe’s Gizzard City, with Ashley, me and Jorden.

Today was one of the best days of my life”so far”. We had fried BIG JOE NUTS.I got to interview joe .joe  was very cool  and calm as we ask questions .he tought us good life lessons and skills. such as money cant buy happiness .servis was exilent ,it made you feel at  home. thank you for your hospitality.over an out .Matt a.k.a ttammatt